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Sushi Roller prides itself with fresh fish and fresh ingredients.

Try New Mexico's favorites "Fried Green Chile Roll" and "Avocado Roll" and more!

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Cottonwood Mall is proud to be the home of Sushi Roller, a sushi restaurant that is anything but ordinary. You can still find your Tuna roll and all the usual sides, but it would be a shame to miss their specialties, like the “Cottonwood Roll” and the “Green Chile Roll.” The owner, Song, said he got the idea from some customers who wanted to see local spices in a sushi roll – so, he provided. “The customers wanted to see some spice in the sushi, so I thought ‘Hey, there’s green chile. Let’s put some spicy peppers in the sushi,’ and they liked it” recalled Song.

Song originally moved from China to the United States with his wife and family in 2000, and started off working in the restaurant industry by washing dishes. “I like America, you know. Here there is freedom, which is very nice.” Over the years he started dreaming of owning his own restaurant, and in 2017 he made that a reality with Sushi Roller.

Song decided to give Cottonwood Mall a chance by opening up shop in the food court, and he hasn’t looked back. One of the biggest challenges Song has faced however, was learning English. “Everybody knows my English is not the best, but the managers here have been so nice and helpful,” Song said. It is this sense of community that has helped his business to grow. “A lot of people here are so nice, they stop by and say ‘hi’ to me … I like Cottonwood Mall.”

Sushi Roller has seen plenty of return customers over the years, and Song attributes that to the fact that all of the fish is kept fresh. “They know my food is fresh,” says Song. “It is hard work keeping all of the fish fresh and ready, but people come back for more so I make it fresh.”