Upscale Burgers & Shakes

Full service restaurant providing fresh homemade burgers and more. Locally owned and seriously delicious!

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Cottonwood Mall is proud to welcome its newest eatery, Upscale Burgers & Shakes. Although owners James and Megan Garrigan are no strangers to running a restaurant, this is their first endeavor into a full-service dinner spot. In 2020, they were looking for ways to increase takeout sales from their Rio Rancho breakfast spot, Lily and Liam Bistro. So, they started Upscale Burgers & Shakes as a virtual restaurant serving evening to-go orders out of the bistro’s kitchen. In early 2021, they decided to make the transition to a brick-and-mortar space for Upscale, and on July 12 they officially opened up in Cottonwood Mall.

As Megan put it, “this new setup is so much more streamlined, the kitchen was built for this.” Getting to establish Upscale in the location they are in now was actually quite meaningful to James, who is also the head chef. “I used to work at the Johnny Rockets here, in this same spot in the mall, so that’s been pretty special.”

The Garrigans are looking to continue serving the fresh, homemade food they have been known to prepare. “At the bistro we make everything from scratch, so we applied that to Upscale as well,” explained James. “We make everything including the buns, the desserts, the shakes, even down to the ice cream, all from scratch.” Moreover, they are committed to providing a workplace that is both safe and fun, and a place where everyone can enjoy going to work. “We really care about taking care of our employees and making sure they’re all successful,” said James. “That’s a linchpin in our business.”

Most importantly though, is the community that a restaurant creates. As Megan explained, “We want to be a part of the community, to draw people together, make connections, and enhance lives. It’s not just about making dollars and making sales.”