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The Canvas Project - Live Art & Music Celebrating Black History Month

Come shop Cottonwood Mall Saturday February 27th and enjoy live music by musician Duc Germain and live art by Davis Muwumba. 

David Muwumba
Davis grew up outside of Jinja Uganda where a teacher noticed his
natural talent and encouraged him to pursue art. Years later, Davis finally
listened to the advice and attended art school in Kampala, Uganda's
Since finishing school, Davis' artwork has gained popularity around the
world as visitors to Uganda and clients from abroad buy his pieces and
bring them into their homes. Not only is Davis' artwork spectacular, but
it is his humility and hard work that brings people to collect his work.

Find his work for sale HERE

Duc Germain
In 1994, Duc Germain, Adolphe Pierre-Louis, both of Haiti, and Chike Mathews, of Nigeria, who is no longer the group, used to get together and played old ‘High Life’ rhythm from Nigeria and Haitian folklore in order to appease their Albuquerque Blues. 

By early 1995, people in the Albuquerque community were introduced to Racine Kreyol's music in places such as; the Albuquerque Summer Fest, State Fair Performance Programs, local public schools, UNM, El Rey Theatre, Club Rhythm & Blues, La Montanita Co-op, and more.  Today, the band has grown to six members strong, playing Reggae, Compas (Haitian contemporary music), High Life, blues, and oldies. 

Today Racine Kreyol is seven members strong, which includes Duc Germain on tenor sax and lead vocal, Juan Duran is our drummer extraordinaire, Adolphe Pierre-Louis on congas/percussion and back ground vocal, Mike Swick, on bass guitar, Pedro Hernandez on keys, Mario De La Huerta plays lead guitar and back ground vocal, and Allen the blues man playing harp and sings the blues.  The makeup of the group, with its diverse background, reflex in the sound of our composition, which in turn, elevates the curiosity of the listener/observer.  Racine Kreyol has a unique sound that reflects the influence of Jazz, classical, High Life, Compas, Haitian Folklore, blues, all with a local Albuquerque nuances and “Hot Chile” flavor.

Our aim is to keep this culture of ‘Musical Therapy’ going.  The intent is to pacify the complexity of today’s unpredictable and stressful life. The old Griot-Spirit of West Africa embodies us with the essence to enhance Happiness, Peace and Harmony for all of our listeners, patrons, and friends.