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Cottonwood Mall Collaborates with Local Artist to Create Vibrant Exterior Art Mural

Cottonwood Mall is collaborating with a local artist to add color, texture and vibrancy to outdoor spaces for the community to enjoy as part of The Canvas Project. Cottonwood Mall has selected Nazario Sandoval (@wemfer on Instagram) for this installation. Sandoval is a local up and coming artist in the Albuquerque market; his passion for bringing life to the community through art was why he was commissioned by Cottonwood Mall for this project.

Through the Canvas Project, local artists have a space to showcase their art within prominent areas of Washington Prime Group town centers across the country. While celebrating and supporting local artists is at the heart of The Canvas Project, it also provides an opportunity for the community to connect and grow together through art, emotion and imagination.

“Local artists make our community vibrant,” said Debra Sherman, General Manager at Cottonwood Mall “Their use of subjects, color, texture and composition awaken a sense of curiosity and connection to the world around us. The Canvas Project supports our local arts culture, while providing an opportunity for our community to grow together. We will spotlight the artist’s talent with live, in-person and in-progress work on display right outside.”

Cottonwood Mall envisioned for this art installation to be highly visible to the community and guests. Because of that, the 3000 square foot mural is planned to go on the wall near the main entrance on the east side of the shopping center. Cottonwood Mall has partnered closely with Sandoval to create a plan for artwork that will inspire the community. The concept is meant to not only instill joy but also be an interactive portrait wall that encourages guests to capture a photo and share on social media platforms.


The community will see a few different phases of The Canvas Project. Currently, the largest piece of the project is being installed over the weekend. Then, Sandoval will be installing several smaller pieces above the main entrance to tie it all together.

Stage 1   Stage 2

Stage 3