Strictly Repairz

Strictly Skinz & Repairz

At Strictly Skinz & Repairz we design and manufacture all of our Skinz brand Screen and Full Body Protection.

Our Skinz are precisely cut fit your device perfectly. We use high quality laminates and films to make your Skinz. Our poly urethan screen protectors are super strong and are made from military grade urethane. 

Our full body protectors come in a range of colors and styles. We have films that resemble Carbon Fiber, Wood Grain, Leather, Metallic and more.  

Since we are the factory, we can pass these savings on to our customers.

We also offer professional and quick repairs for cell phones, tablets and other devices in Albuquerque. 

We not only work on iPhone©, iPad©, iPod© and Galaxy© devices. We also repair Motorola©, LG© and other devices as well, we’re the place to take your any and all of your devices for protection and/or repairs