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Pure Muscle Nutrition was founded by close friends Dan Valdez, Ron Clements Sr., and Ron Clements Jr. “We’re more than just a group of friends, we’re really a family at this point,” Dan explained. “We’re always pushing each other to the limit of what we can achieve … and we’ve seen good progress in the business as well because of that.”

The three of them never took the idea of selling muscle nutrients and supplements too seriously until a few months ago. “We were just sitting around one night eating pizza, watching a movie, and the idea got thrown out by Big Ron,” explained Dan. “It slowly went from a mustard seed into a full-grown tree.” Ron Sr. elaborated: “We were tired of going to places and not seeing the stuff we liked and wanted, and we decided to do it ourselves.”

And do it themselves they did. “We moved pretty fast with it,” Ron Sr. continued. “Dan and Ronnie are really good on products, they know all the products inside and out, and we all decided just ‘let’s do it.’”

All three of them have experience with weightlifting and bodybuilding, and they wanted to share their knowledge and experience while still catering to the local customers. As Dan put it, “We’re just some small-town guys … we started in the lowest level of competition, and now we’ve been competing in the highest level at Nationals.” Pure Muscle Nutrition is their way of giving back and sharing their expertise with the community here in New Mexico.

Their willingness and enthusiasm to be a part of not only the bodybuilding community, but also the local communities within Albuquerque and within Cottonwood Mall, was exemplified in the founding of Pure Muscle Nutrition. The way Ron Jr. sees it, “It’s a nice, small, intertwined community. Everybody likes to help each other out.”