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Cottonwood Mall is proud to welcome the clothing boutique Rojo Canela: Arte en Cuero to the shopping center.

Originally from Mexico, owner Elisa Mata moved to California in 2001, and then to New Mexico in 2017. A few years later, on the corner of Paseo del Norte and Unser, Elisa started selling hats, boots, and other leather goods that she had brought over from Mexico. Then, in May of 2021, she decided it was time for Rojo Canela to make the move to Cottonwood Mall. “I had this dream of owning my own store,” Elisa recalls. “We were working in 100 degrees in the summer and the snow in the winter … this space is much more ideal.”

Elisa is very proud of the Mexican culture and styles that she grew up with, and because of that, Rojo Canela imports all of their products directly from Mexico. “I wanted to keep that same feel, so we make sure everything is made by hand in Mexico. Even the materials are from Mexico.” This idea to bring the feel of the mercados here to New Mexico is what prompted Elisa to start her business, and she has only moved forward from there.

“It started with me just bringing back some clothes and shoes from the mercados when I would visit Mexico,” said Elisa. “And everybody here would ask me where I bought them.” Although she now works directly with the companies that make the purses, shoes, and other goods, maintaining that authentic, handmade aspect is imperative to Elisa.

And not only is everything made by hand, but all of the products are decidedly unique. “They all have little differences – no two are the same” Even though you can find a certain style of sombrero or huarache in any size you want, each one is distinct in color and decoration. And according to Elisa, “This is what sets Rojo Canela apart. This is our difference.”