Sol Salon

Sol Salon

We are a full-service hair salon, we specialize in full range of color services and hair cutting techniques. 

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Cottonwood Mall is proud to accommodate a number of different salons, offering shoppers the opportunity to look and feel their best right here in the shopping center. One such place, Sol Salon, has been cutting and styling customers’ hair for over a year and a half now. Originally started as a Regis Salon location in 2007, they transitioned to an independently-owned concept in early 2020.

The stylists who worked there were left with a choice: find new jobs elsewhere, or take over the space and start working for themselves, but under a different name and without the backing of a well-known company. They chose the latter.

Two of the new owners, Rachelle Yamutewa and Andre Cadena, spoke about how the transition impacted them. “What we’re doing now is more of like a co-op salon” said Andre. “We all schedule appointments and operate independently, but we share the same space.”

For Rachelle, who had worked at the Regis in Cottonwood Mall since 2012, the transition to a “co-op salon” ended up working out better than she had anticipated. “In a way it was nice, because we got to keep the space and now we have it decorated how we like it” she laughed. “We put in some plants, did a little remodeling, and just made it more inviting.”

“I’m just glad that we were able to stay here in the mall,” Andre added. “The management was super helpful, they let us stay in the space until we were able to get our licensing and everything together.” Having to bounce back from COVID-19 closures served as a sort of refresh for the owners, and Sol Salon is now back to accommodating happy customers full-time.